We are Self Mastery Co


MC is looking for motivated, outgoing, and engaged individuals to help in Live Events that include, but are not limited to, Free Tour,  Winter Summit, World Summit, and much more.

There is also the option to help with lodgings and or/provide car transportation but is it not required to become a volunteer.

Yet, feel free to provide info on the matter if you think this would interest you. As a volunteer, you will be able to meet SMC Staff members that are in town for live programs or other SMC related business.

This does not include bootcamps, but you never know what instructor may need help in. By becoming a SMC volunteer not only will you get to immerse yourself in the SMC culture, but also peek at the behind the scenes of how we run our widespread LIVE events.

The SMC Volunteer program is different from the internship program, but some volunteers may be recruited for internships.

If you are interested in becoming a SMC volunteer, we are accepting applications via email or by filling out the form below.

Thank you for your support and we hope to see you at our next Live Event!