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About Us

Welcome to Self Mastery Co

In 2002, we began with only an idea of traveling the world finding ways to create drastic personal transformation. We succeeded, living out of our suitcases and writing about our travels around the world on the Internet.

Soon millions of people were reading these articles and inviting us to visit them and share our stories in person, living the adventures with us.

Today, we are a global corporation, recognized as the absolute standard of education in self-actualization.

We are now operating live programs in over 250 cities and 50 countries, a dedicated staff of over 50 Contractors, a team of over 200 volunteers, and we are recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the world. We continually set the bar higher as our educational quality accelerates.

We feel our success can be attributed to teamwork, dedication, professionalism, and our team of talented and creative business staff. We forged a new kind of self-help organization, one that took discipline and drive beyond the call of duty, and we strive to maintain that standard in our contractors today. Our success is a direct consequence of personal standards we demonstrate in our dedication to the services that we provide.

The special ability of our people to motivate and shape our organization created a climate of fraternity, integrity, and personal growth. Our people are a reflection of who we are as a business. Thus, since you are the most important part of Self Mastery Co, we encourage your personal growth. As you grow as an individual, we all grow overall.

This is an organization that has strong core values:

  • Continual desire to further one’s own education.
  • Taking pleasure in both our clients’ successes and lessons learned during failures.
  • Having zero ego investment and keeping an open mind.
  • Sharing new ideas and constructive criticism openly with everyone.
  • Providing excellence in service so that clients refer others to us.
  • Having fun and passion for your work.

If you have any concerns regarding your work with the company, we or any member of management would be happy to help you. We look forward to your participation in our organization and being a part of our team.

We wish you success and personal triumphs in your career with Self Mastery Co.


Owen Cook
Co-Founder & Executive Producer

Nicholas Kho
Co-Founder & CEO